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There are two main styles of salsa dancing (ignoring the 'latin ballroom' manifestations!) - they are Cuban and Cross Body (also referred to as 'New York' style). We teach the Cross Body style.

Cross Body style salsa, said to originate in New York but danced across the US, is a much more linear dance form than Cuban style salsa. A characteristic of the Cross Body style is that the couple will dance their turn patterns so they always end up on the same orientation - image that the couple are dancing together and the guy is facing North and the girl is facing South - they may change places during the pattern but one of them will always end the pattern facing North and the other facing South. This means that the dancers begin with an implicit understanding in relation to how they will tend to move on the dance floor. The dance looks crisp and smart (and not quite as 'organic' as in Cuban style). With experience you will tend to dance turn patterns that are more complex than those found in Cuban salsa (this additional complexity may be may easier because of the directional aspect of Cross Body salsa - because each dancer knows they are dancing along an imaginary line less information about direction has to be communicated and more emphasis can be placed on the turn pattern itself.

The current weekly class is held every Tuesday at the Public Rooms, Crinnick's Hill, Bodmin - Venue Map.

For more information please phone Ian on 01626 833175 or 07801 889463 or e-mail him at or visit the Salsa Kernow web site at

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